Hello there!

Anita Johnson (a.k.a. Duchess of Design), your fellow “Haute Mess Mom” here. Funny enough, this whole “mess” actually started by accident. Like I said, I’m a mom first and foremost, but found myself needing a new “purpose” after life took a turn and led me on a new path with new opportunities. I have always had a lot of energy, a passion for people, and tons of ideas, so with that and with encouragement from friends and family, the Mess was born! Let’s face it, we are all a Haute Mess in some way. With that being said, I like to use a multi-layered approach to décor, utilizing influences in fashion, art, technology, history, and travel, while encompassing a timeless sophistication. My decorating philosophy is to first use what the client already has and loves.  I’m able to create spaces my clients enjoy with the things they truly treasure, and when they’re ready I help them supplement with new purchases within their budget. I’ve always enjoyed creating a personal look in my home, but now get the pleasure of helping others do the same.

– Anita