HauteMess HQ -Réinventé

Bienvenue to HauteMess Headquarters reinvented!

As I sit here today thinking about what to write, the word "blessed" comes to mind. Blessed to be able to breathe new life into a passion of mine. And truly blessd to be doing it along side my childhood friend, Kristin Thomas.

When I really think about it, we started the conversation during the "COVID" years, but life got in the way. That being said, 2023 finally became the year. Its the year we deicided to pull the trigger and bring all the things we love, to all the people we love.

Kristin and I have a love of fashion, design, architecture, upcycling, refurbishing, and all things pretty. When you have passion, drive, and awesome friends, you have "HauteMess HQ -Réinventé".

Founded by women. Run by women.